John A. Harris, Landscape Economist, is the Principal of Landscape Economics LLC and President of Earth Advisors, Inc. He is based in Hollywood, Florida. His environmental consulting and expert witnessing practices include work across the United States and the Caribbean. He has been working in the Green Industry for over 25 years with field practices, management, and consulting experience. His degrees include M.B.A., M.S., B.S., A.A.S., and he has industry related certifications including Registered Consulting Arborist, Certified Forester, Certified Arborist, Certified Landscape Inspector. 

John's expert work includes landscape and land improvements damage assessments, economic valuations, work audits, and expert witness testimony. He provides expert services to both plaintiffs and defendants in legal cases, and has been a mediated expert. He was inducted as an Elected Member of the Lambda Alpha International Honorary Land Economics Society in 1997 for his work determining and defending values of trees and landscapes. He is an author and co-author of numerous articles in trade journals, newspapers and publications. He has done TV interview appearances and serves as a resource to the media for landscape, natural areas, and forestry topics. John is an active educator, having taught over 150 different classes and field training programs for the industry and the public. He continues to learn and provide useful information in industry organizations and education programs.


Project experience to highlight includes:

  • Environmental Damages Verifications and Valuations for Power Line Wildfire Cases in California for Ken Roye, Esquire
  • Orchard and Forest Damages Verifications for Subrogation Case in Alabama
  • Verification of Utility Arboricultural Practices for Wrongful Death Case in Sarasota, FL
  • Verification of Landscape Industry Standards and Practices for Fire Damage Case in Georgia
  • Ice Storm Damages Assessment and Valuation for Landscapes and Land Improvements for residence in Chicago, IL
  • Landscape Damage Appraisal and Claim Support for Contractor Negligence Case for Ridges Maintenance Association, Weston, Florida
  • Florida Attorney Generals Office; West Palm Beach, FL; 11/03- Present; Expert Witness for defense of Everglades Restoration Project land purchase Appraisals, research and defense for nursery stock valuations and calculation methods. [Project originally contracted under our associated firm Earth Advisors, Inc.]
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; Tallahassee, FL; 8/98 - Present; Division of Forestry Office; Expert Witness research and testimony for defense of Citrus Canker Control Program, valuation of damaged trees, court testimony. [Project originally contracted under our associated firm Earth Advisors, Inc.]
  • South Florida Water Management District; West Palm Beach, FL; 4/97 - Present; Registered Tree and Landscape Appraiser for the District doing value appraisals for landscapes and nursery stock in Real Estate transactions. [Project originally contracted under our associated firm Earth Advisors, Inc.]
  • Florida Department of Transportation; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; 12/95 - Present; Landscape Installation Work Audits and Specifications, Value appraisals for right-of-way expansion projects, recommendations for tree protection. [Project originally contracted under our associated firm Earth Advisors, Inc.]
  • Advanced Insurance; Hollywood, Florida; 9/00 - Present; Landscape Appraisals for Landscape Insurance program, replacement cost estimates for determining insurable values. [Project originally contracted under our associated firm Earth Advisors, Inc.]


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